The secret mechanisms of the best Thai massage.

There are several types of massage in NYC:

  1. Aquapoam massage takes place in the bathroom with the addition of foam. Relaxation occurs by sliding bodies in a cloud of foam.
  2. Tantric massage — the main feature of the massage of the genitals, at the same time, the rest of the erogenous hones are stimulated, naked bodies with the addition of aromatic oils perform the movements.
  3. The sakura branch consists of biting, gentle touches of the tongue and lips.
  4. Aquagel massage takes place in the shower with the chest and buttocks using a gel for sliding.
  5. And Thai massage Uptown.

Create an intimate atmosphere before starting your massage. Close the windows, dim the lights, turn off your mobile devices, nothing should distract from the session. Light scented candles, play relaxing music. Prepare a towel in advance.

A naked girl performs a Thai massage in Midtown.

It starts with the usual restorative massage. All movements are performed smoothly and gently, without strong pressure. When the muscles are relaxed, the masseuse lubricates herself with oil and proceeds to massage with the abdomen, buttocks, and chest. This influence has an unusual effect on a man because he experiences unforgettable, new sensations that you want to repeat in the future.

The massage must be done with the use of aromatic and essential oils. The whole session lasts on average from an hour to two. During this time, a connection is established between the man and the masseuse through touch.

Girls working in the salon of erotic Thai massage service

Ero massage in the salon is a lot of pleasure for everyone. From the first minute in the salon, the client finds himself in the realm of bliss and relaxation. A magical atmosphere of comfort and Thai pleasure reigns here, and the interior and service are carefully thought out. Relaxing, you will feel how an unprecedented wave of pleasure engulfs your body; all problems and adversities leave your consciousness.

Adorable seducers know everything about massage techniques, their skillful fingers will penetrate all corners of your relaxed body, and velvet bodies will skillfully glide over your skin.

The beauties will touch those places, touching which will cause an indescribable ecstasy, fill them with indescribable sensations.

You will never be able to forget this corner of paradise!