Ero massage is a world of sensual pleasures.

Sensual massage NYC has a large number of names: «body to body», Thai, erotic, intimate. But no matter how you call it, everyone will agree with one — this is one of the best ways to get unforgettable ecstasy and pleasure.

Sensual massage is a special massage of erotic content, very popular among the male population. The peculiarity lies in the fact that during the erotic process all muscles, every piece of the body are stretched. Its main purpose is to open the erogenous zones for the highest degree of relaxation and pleasure.

The massage technique

The massage technique became widespread in Asia, where the first Eromassage school was opened.

He was escorted only to eminent persons — kings, emperors. Such a sensual massage cost a lot of money and could only afford to know it since it was considered a luxury.

The main advantage of Sensual massage is getting positive emotions, which can relieve stress, depression, and increase vitality. For a modern person, this is a great opportunity to disconnect from the real world of problems and enjoy sensual sensations.

Sensual massage NYC also has a beneficial effect on the skin, as it includes the rejuvenation process, stimulates metabolic processes, accelerates blood throughout the body, relaxes clogged muscles, and strengthens the immune system.

It awakens the latent flow of energy, has an impact on mental health, and helps to liberate the Sensual charge.