What`s Nuru massage?

Erotic Nuru massage service is a guarantee of a healthy and strong body. He is the embodiment of secret fantasies, is able to awaken the vigor of the body, clear thoughts and enlighten the mind.

How massage procedures are carried out

We create all conditions for complete relaxation and relaxation. The provision of massage services is carried out in a specially equipped cozy room with dim lights and calm music. Aromatherapy can be used if desired. The client takes a lying position, the masseur begins to work on the zone. Thai masters who are well acquainted with the technique of the procedure provide massage services.Nuru massage

The studio is always clean, fresh and comfortable. After each client, the premises are cleaned and all textile accessories are replaced.

The essence of Nuru massage technique

The main goal of Nuru massage NY is complete physical and mental relaxation.

It is carried out exclusively with the use of a special gel, based on nori seaweed, natural ingredients: chamomile and aloe vera extract, as well as moisturizers. The viscous suspension, unique in its composition, can enhance the pleasure of relaxation and help the masseuse plunge you into the sea of passion and bliss.

Nuru massage girl NYC

Choose a model for Nuru massage and have an unforgettable pleasure. Feel it with every cell in your body. Do you want to get pleasure? Call the phone number listed on the website or fill out the electronic application form. We are waiting for you at the specified address. Relax and enjoy yourself after a hard week of work.

The cost of services depends on the duration and type of massage. You can order a session form 60, 90 or 120 minutes.